Thursday, April 19, 2012

StarBooks Café: Now Open!

Back in time to November...

Tired of eating your lunch in the large and loud cafeteria? Many students at Bethel are! So, they saved up their Bethel star bucks they earned from participation in Bethel’s ReadOut program. Students used their bucks to eat in the StarBooks Café, which is located off the Bethel Learning Commons. The Café opened Friday, November 11 and is open every Friday for fourth and fifth graders during lunch. Since space is limited, students must make reservations on Mrs. Roveri’s Moodle page. While enjoying the music and social aspect of the café, students can also buy hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn or punch. So far the café has had 26 customers. The students have really enjoyed the café and the parent volunteers have really helped in getting it started. The best line we’ve heard so far has been from Bryson, "This is sooo worth a star buck!"

Students earn star bucks by reading, taking Accelerated Reader tests, completing geography trivia questions and other library programs. To date, 209 students in grades 2-5 (and one kindergartner!) have earned at least seven ReadOut points, which enters them into the first level of the ReadOut program. Students who have earned star bucks can also purchase extra computer time, Wii time, ipad/ipod time, paperback books or other goodies sold in the StarBooks Shop. The students are excited about the program and visit the Learning Commons throughout the day!

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